June 21

WHAT I AM AND WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am nice kind some times mean i like to have lots of  friends to play with.

I am a girl i am fun and funny i like people when they like my jocks i like to play.

I am good at net ball i want to be 4 things when i grow up i want to live in a dream house.

I want to live in newzeland in a dream house that is who i am and what i want.


April 13


my hollidays

week 1

I did nothing at the first week.

week 2

on week 2 i had a lot of fun i went to Melbourn for the week i went to Luna park and other things it was a lot of fun and i went to the beach and some pool’s at Melbourn.

from Kaylee


March 19

kaylee’s family!!!!!!!!!!

hi I am Kaylee and i am 10 turning 11 on the second of the 8.

My dads name is Braydn and my mums name is Kim.

I have 4 brothers  one is called Tony he is my oldest brother my other brothers names are Joel and Daneial and couper they are all of my brothers.

I have 3 sisters they names are Tegan she is my oldest sister and the others are Chloe and Faith. that is all of my family.


From Kaylee


March 18


cat’s are the second best pet because they don’t make loud noses they  and that’s why cat’s are the second best pet and you will not need to take care of it in the medal of the day but if you want to take care of a loud pet puppy’s is the best best pet cat’s are the second best pet so if you want a cat go to a pet store


from Kaylee

March 18


puppy’s are soooooooooo cute you can hold some of them in your hand.

there the best pet ever in the world. You can have so much fun with puppy’s.

you can play with them and you will never be bored and it takes a lot of work but it is worth it sometimes.

from Kaylee

March 18

All about Australia

Australia is a very cool place because you are free.Australia is 7,682,000 square kilometres. Australia’s language is English. The school’s are really cool in Australia you can learn a lot of things in Australia there is grade p,1,2,3,4,5,6 and there is high school and there is year 7,8,9,10,11,12, and that’s all of the grades  in Australia. It’s the best place you can live.


From Kaylee


March 15

My goals

My Reading goal is to read in my mind and not to move my lips.

My writing goal is to write moreon my page.

My maths goal is to get better at my 7 and 8 timetables.

My behaviour goal is to not talk why i’m doing my work and when a tetcher is talking.


From Kaylee





February 16

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